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 My kids have been taking soccer with PEFS-- that's how we Yanks call it -- since before they turned 3 and they are about to turn 5. It has been the best activity our children have participated in. And my kids do a lot of activities! 
The team combined the obvious skills of a sports instructor with a keen knowledge of how to work with preschoolers to increase the confidence, social skills, language development and focus. Best of all, it is FUN! They are natural leaders who both girls and boys respond to. They take sports and discipline seriously but the team never over emphasize the competition aspect of the game. Instead they teach respect and sportsmanship. PEFS have empathy and respect for a host of backgrounds, and kids feel that. 
The coaches are an anchor for kids who are shy, nerdy, super sporty, talented, afraid. They are there for everyone, and they have been wonderful to my children and many others. The classes, which emphasize learning the dynamics of group play and movement, are the perfect base for creating a love of fitness. That is all I ever wanted for my twin sons who are  completely opposite, and I believe the class boosted skills for both of them.
What a wonderful entrance into the world of sport they have had thanks to Prague English Football School!
Dinah Richter Spritzer, Prague English Football School parent 

"We have been attending Prague English Football School since it began, and have watched our son develop not only his football skills, but also a general love of sport which has progressed as a direct result of PEFS to include running and floorball. Sam and his team are not just proficient coaches, but also skilled in really bringing the enjoyment of the sport to the kids. ​The PEFS team use a super mix of games and technical coaching with just the right amount of discipline to keep focus without reducing the fun. Completely recommend to anyone who wants their child to actually enjoy sport as well as developing skill"​David Cairns, Prague English Football School parent

"Prague English Football School is amazing. Our kid has a lot of fun while also learning football basics (considering he is 3 years old). Sam puts together very creative and fun games for the kids. I believe it's also a nice environment to meet other people from different nationalities. I recommend it 100% - no way your kid (and you) will not have fun! ...”
Gaston Levin Garfinkel, Prague English Football School parent